How to Reupholster A Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair is simply a chair that has been designed with the needs of avid gamers in mind. They are equipped with additional features which aren’t necessary for your average desk-worker. These features set them apart from standard office chairs. For example, the backrest will usually be adjustable up to 90° which gives you additional ways of getting comfortable while playing (e.g. leaning back during long sessions). Some chairs even come with armrests and foot rests for an all-inclusive package deal. Many also offer options to include padding or seat covers for added comfort on top of already excellent ergonomics which is useful if you’re planning on using it as an actual office chair as well (you don’t want to end up with a stained or broken shell).

As mentioned earlier, a gaming chair is best suited for gamers. Even if you’re not playing anything at the moment, an adjustable chair can be beneficial if your computer desk has poor ergonomics. You can easily lean back, fidget around or even lie down if you feel like taking that break from all the intense clicking and mousing you’ve been doing. Once your muscles start protesting against your actions simply sit up again and continue where you left off without feeling any discomfort – exactly what proper ergonomics are about!

It should go without saying that everyone who spends over 4 hours per day in their PC should consider getting one, if they haven’t already. There are many chairs out there which allow you to adjust the backrest up to 90° for additional comfort during long gaming sessions. They can also be helpful if you own an office chair without any armrests or with fixed ones; you could simply get a better gaming chair instead of replacing your current one (which would result in spending more money unnecessarily).

When browsing Amazon for the best deals on gaming chairs, I was bombarded with countless options that did not live up to what I found were common expectations of someone looking into buying a new PC chair. Among these were: – Unnecessary features like cup holders and speakers – Low-quality materials used in the shell – High price tag for low-quality chairs with these unnecessary features – Unnecessary customization options. It is true that the customization option will seem awesome when you’re in doubt about which chair to buy. But these are basically just expensive ways of personalizing your new PC chair in a way that’s only colorful but not necessarily comfortable. So if you want my advice, try keeping it simple at first and then get additional accessories or replacement parts later on if needed.

Common chair sizes such as “large”, “medium” and “small” are usually based on the width of your body (in inches) and not the length. So if you happen to be tall and skinny make sure to check out measurements before buying. Also, these sizes might differ from model to model so make sure it fits your taste too!

Materials used to make gaming chairs:

Gaming chairs are usually made from mesh or PU leather. Mesh is a material that has small holes so you won’t sweat as much as with plain leather and it’s quite easy to clean too which makes it great for people who also use their chair at work. It should be noted that many gamers prefer full-size gaming chairs with a headrest, footrest and additional features over the lighter racing seats. However if your budget doesn’t allow one of those then going for a more affordable office chair with decent ergonomics might be a good idea as well because they will still let you lean back 90° during long gaming sessions. In my experience this can make all the difference to an otherwise uncomfortable gaming session – especially when playing something like StarCraft, Destiny or similar games that depend on split-second decisions which can quickly lead to pain induced by poor ergonomics.

A special type of gaming chair are the ones made specifically for one game like Overwatch, League of Legends or Dota 2. These chairs usually have features matching their game’s theme and sometimes even specific heroes. I personally don’t see this as something necessary but since they’re themed after popular titles it can be fun if you happen to enjoy their art style as well (or if you just want to show off!). The downside is that these chairs are often not much more than just an “edgy”-looking office chair with a high price tag attached to them – so unless you really love the design of a particular eSports chair don’t pay more for it than you would otherwise.

However, there are also chairs that were not made specifically for gaming or eSports but are still popular among gamers due to their features and adjustability. These include the DXRacer series, AK Racing series, Arozzi Arena Gaming Chair, Maxnomic Classic Series and many others. However since these aren’t actually designed for gamers they usually only have the option to lean back until 90° instead of offering an adjustable headrest if needed – so keep this in mind when looking into buying one!

Upholstering and Removing Upholstery of Gaming Chairs

It should be noted that PU leather chairs are the most popular models because they are cheaper to make than mesh ones – but their upholstery is usually much rougher and will wear out faster. This makes it necessary to remove or change upholstery if you want your chair to last long-term. Changing the upholstery of an office chair can be done by simply removing its existing cover, however this isn’t as easy with gaming chairs since the lower parts of the backrest are often attached to arm rests too.

This means you have two main options when choosing how to get rid of the original upholstery: #1 Buy a new cover for your gaming chair, #2 buy custom textile covers online (Noblechairs offer these) and #3 If you want to go DIY then buy a universal sheet of textile and cut it to fit your chair’s shape after measuring its dimensions.

There are also some brands who sell replacement upholstery separately which can be bought as an upgrade for those who already own the chair, so check out what they have on offer before doing anything at all!

In my opinion it’s still possible to find a great gaming chair with the right price – but it takes some effort from your side. I personally prefer a mesh or PU leather model that fits my body size and is comfortable enough for long hours playing time, has a high backrest that lets me lean back whenever needed and is easy-to-clean.

Of course there are other important features to take into consideration like lumbar support, short arm rests and good adjustability but having these basic ones will already allow you to play for longer without getting fatigued.

However what I’ve seen during my research is that most people simply don’t know about the importance of ergonomics in gaming chairs which I find very surprising because even though they are more affordable than models made specifically for gamers, these offer better support than office chairs. This means that if you want to get rid of back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome then it’s worth spending the extra money on a model with adjustable headrest and lumbar support – at least in my opinion!


How to reupholster a gaming chair?

This is when you buy the chair, remove the upholstery and cover it with a new one. However if you want to go DIY then you should buy textile and measure its dimensions in order to fit your chair’s shape. The cost of reupholstering will largely depend on who is doing the work – but in my case I bought an universal sheet of textile for €25.80 (~$28) which was enough to recover my DXRacer’s backrest, headrest and armrests while also looking great! To find replacement upholstery for gaming chairs – Some brands have these available as upgrades for their chairs so it’s best to check out their website directly from here.

How does a gaming chair differ from an office chair?

Gaming chairs are usually equipped with features that allow for more comfort while playing games. These include armrests, adjustable headrest (if there isn’t one then it’s not a quality model), locking wheels and more reclining back. Office tasks don’t require any of these so if you mainly spend hours sitting in front of the computer to do work instead of play then obviously get a normal office chair or even a stool.

What material is PU leather made out of?

Usually polyurethane, which makes it resistant to ripping and tearing but also very easy to spot dirt on – so make sure you take good care of your upholstery when using a PU leather model!

How can I clean my gaming chair?

Clean the surface of your upholstery with water and mild soap (or leather cleaner if needed) – but make sure to always check if it’s safe to do so by checking that the material isn’t damaged in any way. After this let it dry completely before sitting on it again to avoid leaving dirty patches or having your clothes stick onto your seat!

What is lumbar support?

This feature is usually only found in gaming chairs which offer an adjustable backrest, so its purpose is to provide you with extra lower back support while playing long hours. If you want a model without this then go for one without adjustable backrest.

What are armrests?

These are the padded bits of your chair that are usually located on its sides, so they’re meant to be used when you want to relax or lean back. They also have a lot of adjustability included which means you can adjust them to perfectly fit your height and play in greater comfort!

What is wrong sitting at a desk for hours?

Sitting in one position puts pressure onto hips, lower back, neck and shoulders which is bad for health – but even worse when playing games since it doesn’t allow your body enough time to rest. If you plan on spending long hours behind the computer then make sure you rest properly by changing positions every once in a while!

Why should I get an ergonomic chair?

Ergonomic chairs in my opinion are designed with your health in mind and this might sound like a huge claim but I’m pretty sure you’ll agree once you test one! These models will allow you to change positions often so that your muscles can recover, they also have enough back support (if not then get an adjustable headrest) and even height adjustability – at least the higher end models do.

What material is mesh made out of?

It’s usually made from polyester or nylon for durability and breathability which means it’s great for summer since it won’t heat up easily under your body and let out hot air. However it isn’t as long lasting as PU leather or cloth seat covers due to stretching over time.

Is the material breathable?

Mesh is made to be extremely breathable which means your back won’t sweat as much when using it in warm conditions, but make sure you also check if it’s heat resistant! If you own a fabric model then even though mesh lets out hot air very easily it still traps some of the heat inside so make sure your room isn’t too hot!


Mesh material is great for summer but it’s not the best during winter due to trapping some of the cold air inside of your chair. If you live in a cold area then go for one with PU leather seat cover or cloth upholstery so that your back won’t sweat when playing games in colder temperatures! If you have a fabric or mesh upholstery then cleaning is as simple as wiping it with water and mild soap, but make sure to always check for possible damage like rips or tears. If your chair has PU leather seat cover then be warned that usually this type of material is very easy to spot dirt on so be extra careful with it!

Mesh and fabric models are super easy to clean and often only require you to wipe them down with some water and soap, but if they’re made out of PU leather then they’re sensitive to tearing and spotting which means you’ll need to take better care of them!There are many different features that you wouldn’t commonly find in office chairs but that’s because this isn’t their purpose – if you work behind a desk then get an ergonomic design, but if you’re looking for pure comfort when playing computer games then definitely pick up one of these!


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