How to hook up a gaming chair to Xbox One?

A gaming chair is a special type of chair designed for playing video games. Video game players tend to play their favorite activity for hours at a time, so it makes sense that they would need a comfortable place in which to do so. Many gamers have found that using a simple office or computer chair simply don’t provide the comfort needed over long stretches of time. In addition, the back support and high seating position of your average office chair can lead to fatigue and poor blood circulation in the legs when being used for long periods of time. This is where a quality gaming chair comes into play.

Gaming chairs are built with ergonomics and extended gameplay in mind. Their designs force you to sit up straight, but allow your body (specifically, your legs) to remain comfortable as you sit. Most quality gaming chairs also offer a high back and support for the neck and head, which allows users to rest without slouching or leaning over their desks. This helps to prevent fatigue and allow long play sessions without suffering any ill-effects.

Gaming chairs are often much better than the office and computer chairs that they’re designed to replace. You can expect them all to be loaded with features such as ergonomics, comfort, style, materials, adjustability and many other exciting additions! Here is what we think are the best gaming chair choices available right now:

Bluetooth Gaming Chairs – Explained

A Bluetooth gaming chair is a special type of video gaming chair that allows the user to connect their PlayStation, Xbox, or computer directly to the back of the headrest. Users can then take advantage of a number of different sound functions and other features while playing games on their console.

Most bluetooth gaming chairs are compatible with all major consoles, including the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita and PC. Their sound output capabilities are generally quite similar to those of a surround sound system. Users can enjoy phenomenal audio that makes them feel as if they’re completely part of the game world that they’re playing in! This is something that really adds to the overall enjoyment of any video game experience.

Bluetooth gaming chairs offer users an unparalleled amount of freedom when it comes to customizing their listening experiences. Most models feature two speakers on each side of the headrest (for both top and bottom), which help create 3D sound quality for more immersive gameplay. Some models even feature subwoofers or special bass chambers which make the audio quality even more fantastic. In addition, most bluetooth gaming chairs allow users to independently adjust the volume for both speakers and bass with a remote control located on the armrest of their chair.

The great thing about bluetooth gaming chairs is that they’re compatible with any console! Not only can you use them with your PS4 or XBox One, but you can also hook up your Wii-U or Nintendo Switch to them as well. We recommend taking a look at our list of the best wireless gaming headphones if you wish to have an all-in-one solution for when playing any type of game from any console brand!

Benefits of bluetooth gaming chairs

Most bluetooth gaming chairs offer many benefits to the user. Here are some of our favorites:

Freedom to Use Any Console –

With a Bluetooth gaming chair, you no longer have to worry about whether or not your console is compatible with your chair’s sound system. Since all models are equipped with bluetooth connectivity, each one can connect wirelessly to any console in seconds! Simply switch on your console and headrest speakers, pair them together using the bluetooth settings menu, then enjoy! All that’s left is for you to configure your audio preferences via the remote control located on the armrest of your chair. This allows you to do things like increase chat volume at friends without affecting game volume. The choice is yours!

Sound Quality –

A Bluetooth gaming chair allows you to take full advantage of all the sound quality that your console has to offer! This is done by transmitting audio directly over a bluetooth wireless connection. You’ll be able to experience spatial audio effects and special surround sound modes which really expand your aural perceivable field. If you want the most realistic and immersive-sounding gameplay possible, then bluetooth gaming chairs are worth looking into!

Individual Volume Control –

The ability to independently adjust the volume of your bass, speakers, and chat/game audio via a remote control is one of our favorite features about gaming chairs with built in bluetooth. It basically gives users complete freedom over how they wish to hear their video games when using type of console brand. This feature allows users to enjoy clear and crisp speaker sounds as well as deep, resonating bass that makes the experience feel even more real.

Connect with Anyone –

A bluetooth gaming chair allows you to wirelessly connect with anyone at any time. Since all models are compatible with both major consoles as well as PCs, this is a feature that really comes in handy when playing online multiplayer games with friends who might be using different types of systems from their own. Whether they have an Xbox One or a Playstation 4, you’ll be able to play together seamlessly!

Increased Comfort –

When combined with your favorite gaming chair (such as one of our high back computer chairs), these speakers can not only enhance your gameplay but also increase your overall level of comfort during those longer gaming sessions. They allow you to experience the game in an immersive new way, allowing for much more long-lasting playtime without any fatigue.

One disadvantage of bluetooth gaming chairs is that Bluetooth connectivity isn’t perfect.

Of course, no technology is ever 100% free from faults or disadvantages. The same thing goes for video game accessories like bluetooth gaming chairs which are equipped with this feature. While it works great most of the time, there are still some instances when things might not be working quite as smoothly as expected.


Q: How to connect a gaming chair to Xbox One?

A: There are three ways to connect your gaming chair to an Xbox One console. These include bluetooth, aux cord, and optical audio. To use the latter method , simply follow these steps:

1) Insert the digital audio (optical) cable into the back of your Xbox One

2) Connect it to the port labeled “digital out” on your home theater system

3) Turn on your TV first then power on your Xbox One

4) Go to settings

5) Choose display & sound

6) Under game & chat audio, choose where you connected the cable as either “game” or “chat”

Q: What consoles do bluetooth gaming chairs work with?

A: Most models are compatible with the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S/X, PC/Mac and Android devices.

Q: Can you connect your headphones to a bluetooth gaming chair?

A: Yes! Headphones can be connected directly into any one of these models via an auxiliary port. This allows you to easily switch between your headphones for private listening and the built-in speakers whenever you wish. It’s a great feature that makes it easier than ever before to mix and match all types of audio sources from different systems!  


Although there are many benefits to owning a Bluetooth gaming chair, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not the only option. Chances are, whatever type of console you have, bluetooth technology might already be built into your device itself. For example, Sony Playstation 4 consoles come with bluetooth connectivity right out of the box! If you’re looking for something more affordable but also loaded with features , then wireless bluetooth headphones might be an excellent choice as well! These days, you can basically take your pick between any number of different types of video game accessories designed to enhance your gameplay no matter what kind of system you use. However, if you really want to take things up a notch and experience one-of-a-kind sound quality while you play, then a gaming chair equipped with built-in bluetooth speakers is definitely the way to go.  

A Bluetooth gaming chair is a great way to take your gaming experience to the next level without breaking the bank. It allows you to fully enjoy the latest and greatest features of video game consoles by simply using one of these models in combination with any compatible device such as a TV, phone, computer monitor or laptop. No matter what bluetooth gaming chair you use, you’ll find that it’s well worth the investment!  


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