How to fix a wobbly gaming chair?

A gaming chair is a special kind of chair designed for gamers who spend long hours in front of the computer. Gaming chairs are characterized by their ergonomic design, they usually have high backrests, soft cushions and comfortable arm rests. Some models can even rock or recline! Today most companies offer big series of gaming chairs which are suitable for many people.

Gaming chairs are usually more expensive than regular office or computer chairs, however the price may vary significantly depending on the type of chair you want to buy. High-end gaming chairs can reach prices between $200-$500 while cheaper models are available for only $50.Even if you do not play video games, there are many reasons why buying a gaming chair is beneficial. By using a good computer chair for work or studying every day, you will prevent future health problems and even eliminate some of them.

It is commonly known that long hours in front of the PC can cause backache, stiffness and pain in ankles, legs and shoulders. It is because most conventional computer chairs are not ergonomic and cannot provide the necessary support to your body while you work or play online. When you use a regular office chair for many hours every day, you spend more time on soft cushions than actually sitting properly on them. Moreover, some people may experience neck strain as well as drowsiness.

Things to Look for While Buying a Gaming Chair:

While all chairs have the same main parts, there are of course a few key features that separate one from another. Let’s take a look at some of these so you have an idea what to look out for!


How long is it covered under warranty? If something goes wrong will your chair get fixed or will you be forced to get a new one? These things do happen so it is good to know how long they’re going to last you!

Weight Capacity:

One of the main reasons why we recommend getting an office-style ergonomic chair instead of a flashy gaming stool with limited functionality is because most gaming stools have a weight limit of 200 pounds. If you are any bigger than this, it’s not recommended to buy stools as they can break under pressure.


What is the overall size of the chair? Will it fit through your doors or inside your car? Is it going to take up half your living room if you decide to place it there for some reason?

Armrests / No-Armrests:

Some people prefer arm rests while others don’t care either way because they use their gaming chair strictly for playing games even though having them would make leaning on something more comfortable.

Branded Chairs:

A lot of popular esports teams have their own branded chairs which look great! But do they offer different features over another brand’s product?


You get what you pay for and if you decide to get a $30 office chair that was meant for 5-year olds, don’t be surprised when it breaks on day 2. Remember to check reviews about the product so you know exactly what you’re getting.


Q: How to fix a wobbly gaming chair?

A: There are a few things you can do. The first thing is to tighten the screws holding the chair’s mechanism, that usually does the trick and fixes most problems with wobbly chairs. You can also try loosening it up as well by lifting up all 4 legs and letting it rock back and forth until you hear a click which would mean it locked in place. Then re-tighten everything and see if that doesn’t work! If both those don’t work for some reason, check your owner’s manual or reach out to customer support who should be able to help you out.

If your chair is wobbly and you’re worried about it breaking, the best way is to just get a stool or something that can help support your weight. However if you don’t want to do that here’s an alternative height adjustment system which might work for you! You’ll need a drill and some screws and bolts basically. Get underneath your seat and inspect the bottom of it, there should be 2 holes in each leg where screws go into. Simply take out those screws and place them in different holes so they line up with the hole on top of the seat. Repeat this process but opposite side from before then add in your new bolts into each hole at the bottom. Once you have done that, take out the nuts from top of your seat and screw them into the bolts at the bottom making sure they are tight enough to support your weight. Voila! You should be able to adjust your height without worrying about breaking it now! If any questions, leave a comment below or hit up our customer support!

If your office chair is wobbly no matter how many times you tighten the screws, it may be time to replace some of its parts or purchase a new one. Unfortunately, this applies to most chairs so generally you should keep low expectations when it comes to older models.

Q: What is the difference between an ergonomic chair and a gaming chair?

A: Ergonomic chairs are designed to offer back support by following your spine’s natural shape – lumbar curve, which is very important for anyone who uses a PC for a long time daily. Gaming chairs follow the same concept, however they are usually more complicated and have additional features which provide even more comfort. For example some models have headrests, special type of pillows to support neck while some guys prefer to recline the backrest!

Q: What do you need to consider when buying a computer chair?

A: First of all you should decide how often do you want to use it. If you are an avid gamer who plays at least 3 times weekly, choose a high-end gaming chair with many cool features. On the other hand if for example your office job requires you to work or study on Internet 5 hours per day or more, then it is essential that your “gaming” chair has an ergonomic design and offers good back support. You should also consider your weight and height as well as the size of the chair. Furthermore, some models are better for big people while others are suited for people with back problems. Some chairs have very high backs, so if you are shorter than for example 5’4” , they may not be suitable for you.

Q: Why should you buy a gaming chair?

A: If you spend many hours daily in front of PC – playing games, working or engaging into other activities that require concentration like studying or reading then you definitely need a good computer chair to provide comfort and proper posture. Gaming chairs offer all these things at once – they usually have headrests and special pillows to support neck muscles which prevents stiff necks and headaches. Additionally they have high backrests, so your body does not slouch while you work or play. It is very important that the gaming chair is ergonomically designed!

Q: Is it worth to buy an office chair for gaming?

A: Yes, definitely! The only difference between them is that gaming chairs are usually more expensive because of the extra features they provide. When you use a good computer chair at home or in your office every day, you quickly see how beneficial it can be for your health. Even if you do not play video games, but sit in front of PC 5 hours daily for example in order to work on Internet or read news online in forums – using a chair will prevent muscle stiffness and back problems.

Q: Can you buy a gaming chair for children?

A: Gaming chairs are usually very sturdy and can hold big weights – even adults! So if you want to surprise your kid with his/her own desk chair, do not worry – any model will work perfectly for a child as well as for an adult. Only remember that the chair needs to be ergonomically designed and have good back support in order to prevent future health problems.


In conclusion, before buying a gaming chair you should know what exactly you need it for – whether it is for spending many hours daily at the computer playing games or you only want something better than regular office chairs as a replacement. Moreover, consider how much time per day do you need to use the chair, what type of computer games you prefer and how much money are you willing to spend on comfort! Make sure that your new desk chair is ergonomically designed and provides good back support. Also make sure it has cool features such as headrests and lumbar pillows! Happy shopping!


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