How To Clean A Gaming Chair?

The most serious gamers understand the importance of being at ease when engaged in their hobby. These gaming seats are well built and come with a variety of features, so they aren’t inexpensive. You’ve already spent a lot on this comfortable seating to enjoy it until the early hours of the morning, so why not maintain it looking nice and clean?

Whether it’s your favorite chair, accidentally leaving cheese puff crumbs all over, or simply sweating profusely when you game, you’ll need to have a thorough cleaning strategy in place and utilize the greatest solutions.

Cheap solutions that include too many chemicals might harm the material of the chair and may not even work. Every chair will have cleaning instructions attached, so double-check them before getting started. When you buy a chair, there are a variety of things you can do in addition to what is stated in the instructions that come with it.

How To Clean A Gaming Chair?

Let’s take a look at each stage in depth. Follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll be sitting in a sparkling new chair that will last for years!

1. Verify The Material Of The Gaming Chair 

Different chairs are constructed of different materials. Across brands, the textiles used can differ greatly, as well as numerous plastic components and accessories.

Once you’ve discovered which one takes up the most of your chair, you’ll be able to approach it tactically. Also, examine the attachments, such as cup holders, armrests, wheelbases, and wheels. They’re likely to be made of plastic, which is easy to clean but some high-end chairs have stainless steel components. This is also simple to clean using the same material used for the rest of the chair.

2. Gather Your Cleaning Items

Once you’ve confirmed the components of your chair, it’s time to start collecting the things you’ll need to clean it based on its make-up. At a bare minimum, have a pail of warm water and a spotless cloth that you’re prepared to get dirty.

However, if you want to get more cleaning power, you’ll have to go a little bit farther than this. If you’ve been eating while gaming and accumulating crumbs and icing on the floor, for example.

A mild dish detergent is a fantastic thing to have and will mix with warm water to form a solvent that can clean most materials while not harming them. Materials like wood, leather, and porcelain can tolerate alcohol-based cleaners that you may buy at the store. If you choose to take that method, it will work equally as well. If you have any deep, stubborn stains that won’t come out using the above techniques, you’ll also need rubbing alcohol.

Brushes, sponges, and other cleaning tools with varying sizes are available to suit your specific needs while cleaning your gaming chair. These may be used in tandem to clean debris away, deep clean stains, and rinse the cleaning chemicals you’ll use on the chair. Towels that are dry or a stack of paper towels at the end can be useful for keeping water streaks and blotches at bay.

3. Eliminate Surface Dust And Debris

The most simple step and the least time-consuming is this one, as you won’t have to use water or any type of cleaning solution that might cause concern about stains. If your chair is made of PU or PVC leather, all you have to do it use a duster or a microfiber cloth to wipe it clean. The static qualities will stick to the dust and remove all of the dirt with ease, leaving only dust on the surface.

Fabric and mesh chairs, on the other hand, need a little more effort. Because of the absolvent nature of the materials, they will accumulate a lot of dust and debris that will get trapped deep within the fibers of the fabrics. These types of chairs will need to be vacuumed to succeed.

A handheld vacuum, such as one used for pet hair or to clean tight corners, is ideal for this. They even provide battery-powered versions so you don’t have to worry about locating an outlet and bending down to plug it in.

The brush attachment is the ideal attachment to use since it can remove small particles that the suction of the vacuum may not be able to pick up. Don’t push down too hard; a light rubbing over the whole surface of the chair should be enough to collect everything you need for this step. If your chair needs vacuuming, you should perform this task once a week at least. Otherwise, certain debris might become entrenched in the furniture such that it cannot be removed without a deep cleaning.

4. Deep Clean The Upholstery With Water And/Or Cleaner

You’ve now removed the surface debris from the chair, so it’s time to get down and dirty. This will aid in eliminating coffee or beer spills, as well as the pizza sauce that has been staring back at you for weeks. If you wait too long, it won’t come out completely; however, you will be able to make it fade somewhat and perhaps merge in with the rest of the material. Deep cleaning your furniture is a few steps away.

It’s best not to rub moist Scrubbing too hard might cause color to come out and may damage the cloth more than it will help. Fabric, on the other hand, can withstand strong scrubbing and will look better if you apply some force with a brush or towel. nMesh should not be brushed; instead, it should be blotted gently until it looks cleaner.

5. Get Even Tougher On Stubborn Stains

Some stains, on the other hand, may not be removed so readily. If you’re cleaning your chair for the first time after months of intense, lengthy gaming sessions, you might be in for a surprise when it comes to cleaning food, sweat, beverages, and maybe even blood, depending on how seriously you take your games.

When regular water or solvent treatment fails to remove stains, spot cleaning them is necessary. Rubbing alcohol is the ideal method for this since it won’t harm your chair.

Instead, get a cotton ball and apply a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol to it. Locate a hidden area on the chair, such as the seat bottom. Apply a small area with the alcohol and allow it to sit for a few minutes. If any damage was caused by the alcohol, you should not use it to clean the chair. You’re safe to use it if the region remains unharmed after dabbing with it for several minutes.

Cotton balls and tiny quantities of alcohol can be used to dab stains on the chair in various locations. Don’t go crazy; even if the little amounts of alcohol didn’t harm the upholstery, overuse will dry it out and shorten its lifespan. Consider this a detailing project that complements your previous water and solution cleaning. It should be utilized sparingly and only on persistent stains that resist removal no matter how hard you scrub them.

6. Get To The Rest Of The Gaming Chair

The hard part is over once you’ve gotten rid of all of the bad influences from past gaming sessions. The difficult portion now begins. It is now time to concentrate on the other elements of the chair, which are far simpler to clean. If you have armrests, a frame, a base, or wheels, for example, they are equally as simple to keep clean. Because they’re generally constructed of plastic or another hard substance, cleaning them isn’t difficult at all.

Simply dampen a sponge or rag with soap and warm water to clean the dirt and stains from your surfaces. If you want to disinfect them, use cleaning solvent instead. It is advised that you shower if you haven’t for days on end. Even if you don’t notice the scent, anyone who enters your home will be able to smell it, so it’s an advantage to clean it with something that smells nice.

Stainless steel components are often found in gaming chairs, particularly if they are high-quality. The frame can be composed of stainless steel, and the base may include stainless steel beneath the plastic shell. Wipe it dry with a rag or paper towel to prevent streaking; then do the same to the plastic pieces.

7. Now Get To The Real Detailing

If you want to go all out on your cleaning, you can start taking the chair apart and cleaning the smaller components that keep it functioning. In general, this implies unscrewing the casters and vacuuming out the space they occupied. There is no fast or easy way to access this area, which is one of the most common sites for hair and debris to accumulate.

Remove the casters from your chair first. After vacuuming out the wells, use a wet cloth to clean them down till they’re nice and clean. Then clean the wheels in the same way, using extreme scrubbing to get rid of all of those filthy floor particles.

If soap and water doesn’t remove the gunk, try soaking it in a solution of rubbing alcohol. The casters are distinct from furniture and can withstand the abrasiveness of the solution.


So, you know how to keep your chair clean in the future. This should make for a more enjoyable and stress-free gaming experience that you can enjoy without having to worry about doing chores when you’re done! Now go play in that chair and win all of your games!

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