How much does a gaming chair weigh?

Gaming chairs are not your normal office or dining chairs. They are specifically designed to cater for the needs of people who play video games often, be it sitting over it for hours making strategies and figuring out ways around obstacles, or standing up playing shooting games with friends. Gaming chair types encompass many different styles and budgets so you can find one that suits your tastes and budget easily. Chairs specially designed for gamers have evolved along with this new generation of game players. Just like any electronic device, gaming software and hardware has gone through a huge transformation in recent years; from the very first console to the latest high definition graphics, 3D reality sets and motion control devices that track your body movement – these changes have also built up on what we now know as a gaming chair.

A lot of things have changed including: design, comfort and type of materials used. When we talk about chairs today, we don’t use the standard ‘office’ or ‘dining room’ types; there are different kinds of chairs for different purposes such as ergonomic chairs, racing car seats and rocker type ones common with sports games.Some players like to stand up while playing games – this does not mean that they float in mid air but use support such as foot-rests to keep them stable during longer periods of standing time. They may also enhance their experience by using a wraparound headset because these usually come with built in surround sound speakers which cost extra if bought seperately.

A gaming chair is a type of office chair designed to provide the necessary comfort and support for extended periods of time while playing videogames.There are several reasons why someone would want to use a gaming chair instead of a regular one: ergonomics, cosmetics or simply novelty. All these reasons can be boiled down into practical reasons like reduced fatigue due to bad posture when sitting in front of the computer (especially during long sessions) and increased performance (because you’re more comfortable). Some people say that using a gaming chair increases their chances of winning, but it’s probably just psychological. It might also have some positive effects on peripheral blood circulation which could to faster recovery from injuries.

Gaming chair is a high-quality chair, often with special ergonomics designed for computer gamers. The main difference between gaming chairs and normal office chairs are the additional functions that provide comfort during long hours sitting at the PC. For example, there is usually an option to adjust the back angle or adopting it into your body shape which provides great flexibility when sitting in different poses during playing games. Also many models have control panels on the side where you can easily control the rocking function, sound system (for headphones), speakers volume level etc. Some models even offer vibration effects simulating car driving or other game actions like shots hitting your back! There are also gaming chairs for console gamers who sit closer to TV screens (e.g. Xbox One or PS4).

Features of a Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are made up of various components that all work together to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. The parts below are listed from highest level (top) to lowest level (bottom).

1. Base –

Chair legs provide support and stability for the entire chair assembly. These usually cannot be seen as they are covered by a chair’s base or pedestal roughly around 3 inches off the ground.

2. Body –

The front and back portions of the seat on which your back and buttock will rest upon. There is normally a gap between where you sit on one side of the body and where you sit on the other allowing for more flexibility when moving about in games such as driving or running. This is made of either mesh, cloth, leather or some other breathable material that conforms to your individual shape providing great lumbar support and preventing excessive sweating from occurring during gameplay.

3. Padding –

The cushion on which you sit on, this is very important for distinguishing between a regular office chair and a gaming chair. Gaming chairs come with additional padding in their seats, backs and armrests to allow users to play games or work longer while seated without the risk of straining while sitting. This extra padding comes in many forms depending upon what type of material has been used by the manufacturer; common choices are mesh (which provides good airflow) or leather (which prevents too much perspiration). Some manufacturers go above and beyond to offer something truly unique like our Rock Series King Series with their 3D ergonomic design.

4. Seat Cover –

This is what you will be looking at on a daily basis so it’s important that it looks nice and has no imperfections or damage to the material in order for your home office to look professional or if you are using this chair in an office environment in order for employees to take you seriously.

5. Armrests –

These provide added comfort while seated by allowing users to adjust their positioning when typing, working on computers/laptops, playing games etc.. The armrests also help prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome which can occur when one repetitively presses keys or moves their mouse around during gameplay thus keeping you healthy long term. There are some models where the armrests are fixed and cannot be adjusted to a certain height or removed, however most models have a 4-way adjustable design so the armrest can be moved up and down as well as backward and forward.

6. Headrest –

This is where you rest your head while gaming or working in office environment. They come in many shapes and sizes which we will discuss later but all provide great neck support for those who like to lounge back into their chairs during gameplay or rest their heads on their desks when working (which should not be done for extended periods of time).

7. Base/Pedestal –

The base itself consists of two different types; those with wheels and those without (we call these “stationary bases”). Game chairs with wheels come in many varieties and we will go into detail about them later but they all provide similar functionality. If you plan on using your chair to get to and from places such as your desk or bed than a wheeled model is essential whereas stationary bases are for those who use their chairs primarily in one place (on carpet). It’s important that the base of the chair has good support and doesn’t wobble or lean which can be very frustrating when trying to game. The lower the center of gravity, the less likely it is that the chair will tip over especially during times where you’re moving around quickly like if you’re running through a forest.

The Weight of a Gaming Chair – Explained

Many people tend to underestimate just how much the weight of a chair affects its stability. The heavier it is, the more likely it is that if you move around quickly in your chair during gameplay than it will tip over, which can be annoying and cause frustration especially if you plan on using this for hours at a time. We all know what happens when we lose focus for even just 10 seconds, so imagine losing your cool because your gaming chair keeps tipping over…that’s why we recommend light chairs with low centers of gravity.

This is another vital thing to look out for when shopping for your new gaming chair. If you weigh over the weight rating than it’s very likely that the chair will break, thus leading to injury and possible hospital time which you definitely want to avoid. This can be especially irritating if you’re in the middle of an intense game, so make sure that the weight limit of any model you are interested in is above your weight or that it comes with a high weight capacity like our Iron Series King Series since they allow up to 300 lbs.

Some chairs have higher weight capacities but are not rated for this purpose (such as racing chairs), however many people don’t realize this fact until after they purchase one only to find that it breaks several months later due to overloading. This is why we suggest checking the maximum weight capacity of any model you’re considering before buying especially if your at or above its stated weight capacity.


Q: How much does a gaming chair weigh?


The weight of most gaming chairs depends on the materials used to construct it. Metal frames are usually heavier than plastic ones but they tend to last longer.

Metal framed models usually weigh between 25-50 lbs, with lighter models having less metal in their construction whereas heavy duty ones can go up to 70 lbs or more. Wooden models usually weigh considerably more (usually around 80 lbs) because of their wooden frame and high density cushioning (which weighs a lot).

All in all, the weight is not something you should focus too much on but rather how stable the chair feels when you sit in it for extended periods of time especially if you plan on playing games for hours at a time or use your chair professionally

Q: Can I use a gaming chair for my bed?

Yes, but it’s not recommended since this can cause problems especially if you suffer from back pain or have some other sort of medical condition that affects your spine/back. That being said there are models with adjustable lumbar support which works well with the rest of the chair to provide good lower-back support for those who don’t mind sleeping in them (literally).

Q: How much do gaming chairs cost?

This depends on many factors such as quality, build materials, accessories etc… There are hundreds of different models ranging from $100 all the way up to several hundred dollars depending on how high end they are. We usually recommend looking below $200 since spending more than this won’t increase the quality of your gaming experience and some models like the SecretLab Titan (which costs $399) gets such high reviews that it’s very likely that you won’t need another model which we will review later.

Q: Where can I buy a gaming chair?

We recommend purchasing them online, especially on Amazon since they have great prices and customer support as well as an easy to use return policy in case you purchase one and don’t like it or don’t believe its durable enough for yourself. However, there are many brick & mortar stores such as Best Buy who also carries several models around so you can try before you buy if needed.

Q: Do I need a racing seat if I already own normal office chair?

Yes because they are made differently to be better for gaming. These models have a fixed seating system, ergonomic design and many other features which are designed specifically to take your gaming experience to the next level. Your current chair will not have these features thus leading to poor performance when trying to play games.

Q: Can I use one of these chairs for my PC?

Yes, provided that it’s compatible with your computer since most models only support PS3/PS4 or an Xbox 360 or One controller although some can connect up to PCs as well so you need to check specs before buying just in case.

Q: How long do they take to ship?

This varies depending on where you’re located but usually anywhere from 2-7 business days depending on stock.


These chairs can last years if treated properly so make sure to take care of them, don’t sit on them with dirty shoes or stand on the arm rest just because it’s strong enough to support you. Be respectful of your chair(s) by following the instructions manual which comes with every new model especially cleaning instructions since most are not stain resistant. By doing so, you’re ensuring that they will last longer providing better performance and a better experience whether you’re playing a game or just enjoying a movie on the couch.

If it has all the features you need but is still missing something which affects your decision then maybe go with another model until you find one that meets all of your requirements/wants. Additionally, make sure to buy from authorized dealers only in case if there’s a warranty claim in case anything goes wrong after purchasing since they will guide you through the process or may even give you a brand new model.


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