Best Office Chair For Tall Person Reviews 2022

Sitting in a chair with your knees flexed or thighs exposed is not only uncomfortable, but it can also lead to health and productivity problems.

As tall people you’re used to being seated on chairs where the seat ends before we do so our knee are either stuck at an awkward angle or past its edge exposing more of our legs than appropriate for work situations. And while this might seem like nothing more than bad posture that makes us look funny there’s actually some real issues arise from sitting incorrectly for hours every day such as back pain, leg cramps and even indigestion which could make long days feel twice their length!

Top picks for Best Office Chair For Tall Person

1.Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series

The Aloria Series ergonomic office chair by Oak Hollow Furniture is not your average, run-of-the-mill bungee chair. The latest in high quality, plush leather seating is wrapped around the contours of this award winning seat design for head-to -toe comfort.

While other engineered chairs suffer from unpadded and poorly padded cushions that can’t offer adequate support or cushioning for those long meetings and trips to client premises, the Aloria Series chairs offers both tailored lumbar supports and a supple yet durable cowhide leather seat making it ideal for any creative environment where work isn’t just a grind but an opportunity to collaborate with creative teammates on game changing ideas.

  • 4D armrests
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Expensive


2SUNNOW Ergonomic Office Chair


You work long hours, and your back is telling you it’s not happy. But after buying the SUNNOW Ergonomic Office Chair, those days will be no more! You’ll be able to adjust every lumbar support to make the chair best fit for your spine. With its adjustable armrests, you’re always sure your arm rests perfectly where they need to be for maximum comfortability. This chair also tels fully recline so that when you’re reading up on memos or reports, time starts flying by without you even noticing!

  • Ultra wide

  • Tallest office chair on the market

  • Not comfortable for short people

3.Bowery Management Office Chair

Sitting comfortably starts with a quality chair. The Bowery is your one-size-fits all solution for any office need. This modern design easily adjusts to suit everyone’s needs and the 5 positioning sliding seat height adjustment means you can work all day without a sore back! Forget about commutes or waiting on hold – leave stress behind and tune out while you recline into your 6 position adjustable armrests, find that beautiful spot just below your neck where it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders, then let yourself slowly fall asleep under its cozy poly-cotton foam. Plus with an exclusive 2 year warranty, this is one investment in furniture that doesn’t cost us another thing!

  • Adjustable seat depth
  • 2 year warranty
  • Short Backrest

4.Starspace Executive Office Chair

Feeling spread way too thin? Take a break from your multi-tasking routine and indulge in an ultra-comfortable experience with the Starspace Executive Office Chair. This premium, adjustable desk chair is ergonomically designed to fit any type of office environment and comes with customizability options for you to get it looking just right for you. Made to last so that you can sit comfortably on your job long after we’re forgotten about, this chair also features wide arms (perfect for resting your arms while slouched) as well as comfy padding styled entirely after what’s trending in interior design circles. Stop slouching around; invest in the future of comfort!

  • Affordable
  • Armrests not adjustable

5.Alera ALE Mota Series Drafting Chair

Alera’s ALE Mota Series Drafting Chair is made for those that take their design seriously. The generously padded, contoured seating guarantees soft comfort–for the head down to the tips of your toes–all day long. There’s a reinforced steel base and integrated footring combined with durable upholstery fabrics that will withstand rough treatment from heavy duty work environments or a less than gentle life over time in an office. You’ll also enjoy height-adjustable T-arms with soft padding for optimal positioning, adjustable seat depth.

  • Huge seat
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Fixed Footring

Features to Consider in an Office Chair for Tall People


Maximum Seat Height

The ideal seat height is such your knees are at a 90 degree angle and both feet planted on the floor when seated. This forces you to flex your legs or extend them while sitting, putting undue pressure on hips and thighs – an anatomically awkward posture with negative long-term consequences for back health. 

People who sit in chairs that don’t accommodate their body’s needs often find themselves feeling stiff, fatigued, or experiencing pain after extended periods of time (over 30 minutes).

Seat Depth

Taller people have longer femur bones that require deeper seats than the average person. The taller you are, often times more comfortable your seat will be. A minimum of 19 inches is recommended as it provides a greater depth for these long and strong leg muscles to relax in while seated comfortably with less pressure on their joints. Adjustable depths beyond this measurement can also help provide optimal comfort!

Taller people require extra space due to their long femurs which make them prone to discomfort when sitting too close or constantly shifting around because they cannot get into an ideal position without being cramped up by something behind them (like other passengers). This means having at least 19” between the backrest and front edge of any given seat is important for tall people

Seat Width and Backrest Height

At a minimum for any tall person, we suggest looking for office chairs with 16” and greater seat widths. For those who are both big as well as tall, look at 19″+ based on your body size. Finally, while height of backrest doesn’t matter much in general unless it has an attached head rest (where you want to measure your torso), make sure that protruding area aligns roughly around cervical spine or behind the neck before buying one because there is nothing more uncomfortable than having fixed head supports positioned too low or high!


Whether you’re buying a simple task chair or an expensive gaming chair, durability always matters when it comes to purchasing new seating. If you are spending more than the average amount of money on your purchase, then naturally that is what will make sense for many users who want their chairs built to last for years and not just months at a time – especially taller individuals with higher-than-average weight capacity needs.


The best office chair for tall people is becoming the most popular selection. These chairs are great because they offer a more comfortable working environment–especially if you’re an office worker who spends hours in front of your computer desk every day! It can be hard to concentrate and feel good when you have no back support, but with these premium quality products providing comfort all-day long, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.


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