Best Office Chair For Short Person Reviews 2022

Sitting on an oversized chair can cause back pain, lack of circulation in your legs and even more painful places. If you’re experiencing any of this discomfort then I highly recommend buying a new ergonomic desk. But before we go into what office chairs are good for short people let’s take some time to explore the merits of various ergonomic desks available today!

The following article will give you advice about how to select from all these great options so that eventually it becomes easier than ever before when dealing with such matters.

Top Picks for Best Office Chair For Short Person

1.Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair



You deserve a healthy back. Free yourself from the conventional, restrictive office chair with Herman Miller’s Aeron Ergonomic Chair-the first-of-its kind to combine a steel frame, plush upholstery, and asymmetrical shape for unparalleled comfort that can be personalized until you find your perfect fit.

The adjustable seat allows for easy adjustments between reclining positions while the two different lumbar supports offer individualized support for your lower back. Blend in personal touches with tilt limiter ranges of 0°/7°/10° and tension control allowing you to adjust how much effort is needed to recline comfortably. Create an infinite number of postures with angular adjustment where one can easily change their leg orientation or position on the seat

  • Angular adjustment
  • Plush upholstery
  • Highly expensive

2.SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair : Ergonomic Office Chair


This ergonomic desk chair features a resin-bonded fiberglass frame and is easily customizable with all levers placed where your hands can reach.

This office chair has exceptional build quality, making it sturdy and durable, providing excellent back support. The forward tilt of the seat allows you to adjust the slope and lean in easier while promoting optimum concentration during work hours for workspace exploration or casual gaming time. Plus, there are multiple posture positions supported by the advanced multi-limited tilting mechanism that allow for different movements throughout the day.

The SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair prevents muscle shortness, fatigue, dry eyes from prolonged sitting periods between breaks to help combat occupational stress injuries that result from sedentary lifestyles caused by long working hours

  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Uncomfortable for long hours of sitting.

3. Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Whether you’re back at the office or sitting on your sofa, Hbada’s family of task chairs offers simple adjustments to make any desk more comfortable. Its sleek and attractive design complements a wide variety of décor styles, while its ergonomic shape relieves tension from your neck and lower back with an adjustable lumbar support function. Instantly adjust this chair’s height or arm orientation for maximum comfort as needed – because we know that great seating is crucial when it comes to achieving work-life balance. And don’t forget that Hbada Office Task Desk Chair gives you all the high-end features without draining your wallet!

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Inexpensive
  • Arm rest adjustment is difficult.

4. Rimiking Home Office Modern Twill Fabric Adjustable Mid-Back Task Ergonomic Executive Chair

Calling all office workers, we’ve got the perfect alternative for you. The Rimiking Home Office Modern chair is designed to provide comfortable seating with a foam designed to help your muscles throughout the day. It has a low backrest and no armrests so that you can find the best position without any issues. This affordable addition will be an asset to your work team!

Best Office Chair For Short Person

Wording of product: Looking for an affordable desk upgrade? The Rimiking Home Office Modern chair is here to help. We recommend this as it features a durable twill upholstery that’ll serve well in your daily use. You’ll also love how easy height adjustment allows sitting at whichever level feels most comfortable!

  • Affordable
  • Low seat
  • No armrest
  • Backrest does not tilt


5. Steelcase Amia Task Chair

The steelcase amia task chair offers a comfortable, friendly design with ten years of warranty. Available for all shapes and sizes up to 300lbs, preparing you for each day’s work from the moment you sit in it. 

Flexors help keep your spine aligned while the contoured seat puts the curve just where it should be to hold you tight without gripping too hard or letting go too quickly. When your back needs some release after long hours at the desk, our flexible seat edge is there so that no pressure will build up on your legs as they rest in either an inward or outward direction – because discomfort anywhere feels like discomfort everywhere! With over 20 detachable parts and six different colors to choose from

  • 10-year warranty
  • Perfect seat for  shorter people
  • Flimsy backrest adjustment levers

Things to Consider When Looking For Office Chairs for Short Person

1. Seat Height

The first thing to think about is the seat height of your office chair. You want a comfortable sitting position that will allow you to keep good posture and have your feet flat on the floor (a 90 degree angle with your legs should be perfect). Most office chairs come in around 17-22 inches, which can get too tall for shorter people at 5’2″ or less. However, some companies offer models as low as 16″. If this isn’t enough room then look into getting one closer to 14″.

The right seating position is important because it not only affects our health but also how we feel mentally when working. It’s best if there are no issues related to comfort so reaching those desired heights shouldn’t make anyone uncomfortable!

2.Adding a Footrest

A footrest is one of the most important tools you can have in your workstation. Not only does it raise up to floor level, but this changes how much room you need under your chair for a lower back curve. It also opens more options because many chairs with higher minimum seat height ranges will now be available to sit on and enjoy throughout the day! A number of us from our office use them too – including myself!

3.Desk Height

You might be interested to know that your chair height affects the desk you use. If a standard table is too high then it will cause back pain and neck strain for long hours of sitting in front of the computer screen, but if your chair is too low, then typing on top can lead to shoulder injuries like tendonitis or rotator cuff inflammation! Luckily there are desks available with an adjustable height so this doesn’t have to pose as much problem anymore!

4.Seat Depth

The first thing to consider is the seat depth. You want a chair that will allow for your knees and hips to be comfortable while seated, so you should measure this distance from where the front of your seat meets with back of your knee as well as how far it moves away from them when they are extended. Most office chairs have seats around 17-18 inches deep; however, if you’re shorter than five foot six or under (or simply prefer less space between yourself and arm rests), keep in mind these minimum measurements: 15″ – 16″.

5.Arm Width

The armrests on a chair can either make or break the user experience. The width of an office chair’s arms will be one factor to consider when shopping for furniture, but you’ll also want to pay attention to their height as well in order not cause unnecessary strain while working at your desk. For people who are under five feet six inches tall they should opt for chairs with arm rests that have a minimum width of 16 inches and if possible stay below 17-18 inch wide arms so it doesn’t feel like they’re constantly stretching towards them each time use the seat

6.Arm Height

When it comes to the armrests, make sure you have a range that will work for your height. For people under 5’6″ or less than five feet tall, they need an arms-height of 7 inches or shorter in order to achieve 90 degree elbow angle. People who are over 6′, though should be careful as their ideal armchairs would not provide them with enough support if their elbows were below 9″.

Height is one thing worth noting when looking at chairs and investing in some kind of arm rests; this is because certain heights may cause discomfort while doing tasks such as typing on a computer keyboard due to limited flexibility caused by long periods sitting down without having something like these supports beneath our hands during use.


We have found that the head rest may be in an uncomfortable position for shorter people, as many of them were designed to fit into your neck curve and not those of someone who is too short like yourself! If this applies to you then look for seats made specifically with shorter folk in mind- they should offer the best chance that it fits properly while also offering a good quality chair without having any upgrades which might only frustrate your height issue further.


The beauty of the office chair market is that there are plenty of options. However, for petite and short people this selection can feel limited because they’re often not offered as many choices to choose from. There’s a few things you could do though! For instance, getting an ergonomic footrest or keyboard tray will expand your range significantly (depending on how tall you already are). You’ll be able to use these accessories with any desk height and it will give some relief when trying out different chairs in the process too – after all no one wants their feet dangling off the ground while sitting at work!

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