Best Customizable Gaming Chairs – Review 2022

Gaming chairs are a relatively new category of home furniture. They provide the comfort and ergonomic support needed for hours of sitting, as well as a very cool design that fits in with any gamer’s living space. Unlike typical office chairs which rely on plastic and metal for structure and offer minimal padding, gaming chair interiors consist primarily of soft padding and hard plastic surfaces intended to conform closely to your body and keep you comfortable even after hours sitting down. With multiple color options available, modern designs, and adjustable features like armrests and lumbar support–some chairs can even be adjusted to mimic real car seats–gaming chairs have much more to offer than what their name implies, offering both form AND function for those who want the ultimate in living room comfort.

The reasons for buying a chair designed specifically with gamers in mind are both varied and subjective, but there are some common themes that we can all relate to as gamers. In many cases, those who take their gaming seriously enough to invest in a good headset or even a full-size surround sound system also tend to want to invest in their preferred place of gaming–usually the living room. The aesthetic quality of this furniture is generally very high, usually above what you would find in an office setting. Living rooms also tend to have much more space than your average office cubicle or dorm room, allowing for optimal positioning among friends and family members during group gameplay events. And because our living rooms are typically centrally located in our homes, gamers who want to truly immerse themselves during gameplay benefit greatly from the fact that they can be totally surrounded by gaming-related items.

Gaming chairs are pieces of furniture that combine design, comfort, and ergonomics in order to provide an enjoyable, immersive experience when playing video games. They usually offer extra features like built-in speakers, vibration (for added rumble during gameplay), or an integrated headset holder. Often, the headrest comes with a pillow for extra comfort.

Top Picks For Customizable Gaming Chairs

Polar Aurora Customizable Gaming Chair

 Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

At first glance, the Aurora looks like a standard ergonomic office chair. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. It comes with a steel base and high-quality casters for easy movement around your house. The armrests are height adjustable and come with extra padding to maximize comfort while playing games or doing work on your PC/laptop. Thanks to the mesh back, you’ll always feel cool and comfortable no matter how long you spend in front of the screen.

The backrest also comes fully equipped with a headrest pillow, lumbar support cushion, and built-in speakers. Other features include adjustable vibrating motors for rumble functionality, plus extra USB ports to connect your gear directly to the chair itself. You can choose between over 18 different upholstery colors to match your style or atmosphere. This gaming chair offers a complete set of features for an affordable price tag. It’s also available in both black and white color variations. The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds (150kg). It’s available in eight different color combinations: red/black, blue/black, green/black, grey/white, orange/black, pink/black, grey/black or blue/white.

The customizable part of this gaming chair is its headrest pillow and lumbar cushion, which can be easily adjusted to target pressure points that would affect your back during gameplay–provided you’re still sitting up straight of course! There’s also a built-in speaker and volume panel on one side of the chair so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in wires while you’re kicking back.

  • Offers a complete package of features, including speakers and vibration.
  • Adjustable armrests allow gamers to find the perfect height to avoid back strain.
  • Comes with extra padding for maximum comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • Fits most body types, including larger gamers who may have been turned off from buying an office chair before.

  • Some users have reported the headrest being too small for users with larger heads or long hair.

Shuanghu Customizable Gaming Chair

Shuanghu Gaming Chair

If you play a lot of multiplayer games, the Shuanghu is a great choice for you. It has two vibration motors built-in and also comes with a pair of extra vibrating units that can be placed on the floor under your legs or under your desk–perfect if you don’t want to disturb others while playing. You’ll definitely feel the action in your lower body since you’ll be sitting down on extra-thick padding.

The entire backrest is also equipped with speakers, so you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up in wires when adjusting volume levels. Your head will rest on a memory foam pillow, while your arms are supported by extra cushioning that’s just the right thickness. The armrests are available in three different sizes, so you can set them to your height preferences. There’s even a USB hub built into the chair for maximum convenience.

The customizable features are limited to the cushions and cups holders which can be adjusted up or down depending on your needs. But don’t worry–you won’t have to take the entire thing apart and pop it back together again every time you want to make a simple adjustment. There’s also a tilt option, so you can rock back and forth while sitting comfortably on your new gaming chair. It has a maximum weight capacity of 280 pounds (130kg).

  • Great choice for multiplayer gamers thanks to vibration motor and extra unit so you can get the full effect from both your butt and legs.
  • Built-in speakers help bring your gaming experience to a whole new level of immersion.
  • Comes with USB hub for maximum convenience during gameplay.
  • Can also be used as an office chair due to its high backrest that offers good lumbar support.

  • Some users have reported that this gaming chair is too small for bigger body types.
  • The backrest does not completely reclining, so it’s best to sit up straight when using the tilt function. This may be uncomfortable during long play sessions.

GT Racing Customizable Gaming Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish, the GT Racing is a good choice. It’s made from PU leather with beautiful stitching along the sides. The chair comes branded in either blue or red color schemes, although it can be customized with an extra cushion or racing stripe design.

The chair has two speakers built into the headrest, as well as a volume control panel right on the middle of the backrest. The headrest also has two vibration units built-in, so you can feel every impact during gameplay–you’ll hardly even need to turn the volume up to enjoy your games.

The chair is equipped with PU leather armrests that are easily adjustable by simply pushing down on the top. The cup holders slide up and down for easy storage, but can also be adjusted to fit larger cups or bottles. The lumbar support is also adjustable so you can customize it yourself without having to disassemble any parts of your new gaming chair.

The GT Racing has a maximum weight limit of 265 pounds (120kg) and can be adjusted to a maximum height of 4 feet, 10 inches (146cm).

  • This gaming chair is made from high quality materials, so it’s able to support heavy weights without bending or breaking.
  • Includes adjustable armrests and PU leather cup holders that slide up and down.
  • Comes in stylish blue or red colors.

  • The unique design of this chair may not accommodate larger body types, so it’s best to double-check the dimensions before making a purchase.
  • Headrest speakers can be a little difficult to reach while playing.

GTPlayer Customizable Gaming Chair

 GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for something even more luxurious, check out the GTPlayer. It’s a high-back gaming chair with a mesh design on the side and colorful LED lights to enhance your gaming experience. The cushion is ergonomically designed to support your neck, lumbar area, and thighs, so it won’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. It also has a high back that is sure to support your entire upper body.

The GTPlayer comes with a built-in speaker system, as well as a vibration system so you can feel every action and impact during gameplay. The armrests are adjustable up and down, but it’s best to keep them in place during longer play sessions. The chair can be adjusted to a maximum height of 4 feet, 3 inches (130cm), and has a maximum weight limit of 265 pounds (120kg).

The GTPlayer is a versatile option that can accommodate different types of gamers. There’s a headrest, lumbar support, and USB hub built into the backrest for your convenience. The chair comes pre-developed into a racing-style bucket seat for those who want to fully immerse themselves in their games.

One of the most convenient features of the GTPlayer is the split design. Place your legs up on the footrest to sit in a relaxed position–this is perfect for those long gaming sessions as it keeps you from getting tired as easily. The armrests are also adjustable, so this chair can be used by all types of people regardless of height or weight.

  • Can accommodate different types of gamers thanks to the split design that gives you options on where you sit depending on how intense your gaming sessions get
  • The backrest vibrates and has built-in speakers for maximum immersion
  • Adjustable lumbar and armrests so you can customize it to fit your body type
  • Cup holders and USB hub built into the backrest for convenience during gameplay
  • Includes racing style bucket seat for those who want to fully immerse themselves in their games.

  • May be difficult to switch between the different types of seating positions due to its unique design

DX Racer Customizable Gaming Chair

 DXRacer G Series Module Ergonomic Office


For those who want a more customizable option, check out the DX Racer. It has an ergonomic design that offers full support for your back and thighs, as well as extra padding to keep you comfortable throughout every gaming session. The chair itself is extremely flexible so it’s able to move with you while still maintaining its structure and stability.

The DX Racer is equipped with a 3D armrest design that can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, and even tilted. This chair is perfect for those who are picky about their seating positions as it allows you to sit exactly how you want. It also has two adjustable headrests–one at the top of the backrest, and one built into the chair itself.

The DX Racer comes with a built-in speaker system and vibration motors for overall enhanced game immersion. The armrests are padded, so this chair will be able to accommodate larger gamers as well. It has a maximum height of 4 feet, 9 inches (144cm), and can support up to 265 pounds (120kg).

The DX Racer is perfect for gamers who need extra support. It has an ergonomic design that is sure to fit your back and thighs, with built-in padding to ensure you’re comfortable no matter how long your sessions are. The chair can either be used on its own or paired with a racing seat (sold separately) that has a 3D armrest design for maximum flexibility. If you’re looking to sit in multiple positions while gaming, this chair is definitely worth checking out.

  • Built in speaker system and vibration motors for full game immersion.
  • Comes with two adjustable headrests so you can choose between which ones you want to sit with.
  • Flexible so it will move with you while still maintaining its structure and stability.
  • Armrests are padded for added comfort. Perfect for larger gamers as well.
  • Can be used on its own or paired with a separate racing seat (sold separately) for maximum flexibility.

  • The DX Racer comes pre-developed into its racing style seating position, which means you may not be able to switch between the two without difficulty.


Buying Tips

What are some things you should look for when buying a gaming chair?

Like most furniture, there are many different factors you will want to consider before making your purchase. The price of the chair is not always indicative of its quality or comfort level, so it’s important to try out several chairs before settling on one that meets your needs and suits your budget. Some questions you’ll need to answer for yourself include:

  • How much am I willing to spend? Gaming chairs range anywhere from less than $100 the way up to thousands of dollars, so it’s important to know your budget before you start shopping. You can find gaming chairs in all price ranges, but the higher up the price ladder you go the more features and quality-of-life improvements you’ll be getting for your money.
  • What kind of features do I want? Some things to consider are how many color options you want (some chairs come in dozens of colors), materials used for construction, adjustable features like built-in armrests or lumbar support pillows, removable parts that need to be cleaned regularly, etc.
  • Do I plan on sharing this chair with anyone else? If so, keep in mind that most good gaming chairs are made with clamping hardware that allows multiple people to sit on the same chair at once without fear of it breaking. Some chairs go so far as to include adjustable armrests and lumbar support pillows that can be adjusted for different people’s bodies, too.
  • What kinds of games do I play? Do those games require extra features like a high backrest or headrest, built-in speakers, USB ports for charging devices, etc.? While most gaming chairs can accommodate a variety of uses, some are better designed with certain activities in mind than others!
  • Do I want future-proofing? Some companies offer customization options where you can send them your own fabric samples to create a truly personalized look for your chair.
  • I don’t have any specific needs…will any gaming chair work for me? That depends. If you’re looking to buy your first gaming chair, chances are you will be more than satisfied with any of the entry-level chairs on the market. These generally cost less than $250 and often come with all sorts of bells and whistles like built-in speakers or sturdy construction out of metal, rather than plastic (which tends to break easily). Keep in mind that features like extra padding around the armrests, adjustable headrests or removable/washable slipcovers can really add to the price tag.

Importance of customizable gaming chairs

Customizing your gaming chair is a great way for you to get exactly what you want in terms of performance and appearance. While many companies offer few customization options, others let you send them detailed fabric samples to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

  1. Most chairs come with adjustable lumbar pillows that help keep the low back properly supported during extended gameplay sessions. However, these are not designed to fully compensate for bad posture or improper seating position. If you are experiencing chronic back pain or other issues while playing video games, consider consulting a doctor before using your new gaming chair regularly.
  2. Casters are the little rubber or plastic feet that allow your chair to roll across hard floors. On most gaming chairs, the casters are designed to grip onto carpeting without leaving any scuff marks. However, if you plan on moving your chair regularly (such as rolling it into a friend’s room to game with them!), make sure to select caster wheels that can roll easily over all sorts of surfaces!
  3. Lumbar support pillows are designed to help alleviate pain/discomfort in the lower back. Many of these pillows are adjustable, so you can increase or decrease their height as needed throughout the day based on your sitting position. For example, if you feel some lower-back pain while playing games during an extended session at your desk, try lowering the lumbar pillow a bit. This should put less pressure on your spine and take some pressure off of any inflamed discs or joints!
  4. An important note about chairs that have built-in speakers: These are often subpar quality speakers that are barely loud enough for one person to hear comfortably. If using via Bluetooth, quality is also dependent on what device you’re streaming from! If you want a great audio experience for your games, consider purchasing a dedicated gaming headset.
  5. Price, materials used in construction, ergonomics, and features are some of the main factors to consider. One’s gaming needs may determine what type of Chair one would need. The best gaming chair will not only suit one’s personal preferences but should also be able to take hours without straining itself or its user. Most chairs have built-in speakers and cup holders these days as well as other accessories that help enhance the user’s comfort and satisfaction.

There is no end-all be-all answer when it comes to finding the perfect chair for you because everybody is different and everyone has a certain level of desired quality they feel comfortable with spending on a product.


Do I need a gaming chair in order to play video games?

No, you absolutely do not. That said, if you’re looking to buy a premium gaming experience for yourself then picking up a good gaming chair is definitely in your best interest. Even entry-level or mid-range chairs will make playing games more enjoyable by giving your body the extra support it needs.

Do I need to play video games in order to justify owning a gaming chair?

No, just as with any piece of furniture that happens to have gaming-friendly features there is no need for justification. Gaming chairs are popular among all types of gamers, including those who enjoy casual mobile games and those who play video games as a full-time career.

Do I need to buy a gaming chair if I already have a decent office chair?

You should look into it! Gaming chairs use higher-quality materials and better construction methods than even good office chairs, so the difference in build quality can be significant. While you could feasibly keep your current office chair as well as your new gaming chair, it’s not recommended. Having two chairs set up in your office at once will quickly become confusing and annoying, especially if you’re switching back and forth between them regularly.

What should I look for when buying a cheap gaming chair?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that cheap gaming chairs can be found on the market at any price point. Before you start looking for one, think about some of the following questions:

How much am I willing to spend?

More than anything else this will determine what you can afford; if you’re on a tight budget then prices under $200 are likely all you’ll be able to look at. If money is no object then you can go all the way up into the thousands of dollars for something like a Noble Chairs, DXRacer, or AK Racing chair.

Where am I going to place the chair?

A good gaming chair takes up quite a bit of space, so make sure that you’re buying one with enough room for your setup! If you have a big TV screen then it’s especially important to buy something that doesn’t get in its way.

What are some common complaints about gaming chairs vs. office chairs?

One of the most common complaints is that gamers often find themselves slouching after a long period of time, since many chairs aren’t designed with ergonomics in mind. You can expect to pay more for a chair specifically designed for this purpose.


All of these factors play a major role in a gamer’s experience, and the more serious a gamer someone is, the more likely they are to invest in high-quality gaming accessories. Gaming chairs range from inexpensive but comfortable office seating, all the way up to expensive luxury pieces meant for very frequent use. In between these two options, there are many other options, and all come with their own bonuses and tradeoffs.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is no “perfect” chair; what works for one person might not work for you. The best gaming chairs are ones that stand out compared to others (in a good way), so make sure you take the time to find out how different chairs feel to sit in before pulling the trigger on your purchase.

In addition to the design of the chair, you should also consider how adjustable it is. You may want a chair that lets you change things like armrests and tilt tension for maximum comfort. Finally, find a color that you think will look good in your room and use our comparison tool to see prices from different retailers!


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